About Us

Hello and a massive thank you for stopping by our little website. Wall Of Cards

I keep referring to 'us' and 'our' when actually it's just little old me.

I'm Keely, and i'm the Lady M in Lord and Lady M. The Lord Mayer (you get the name now don't you), well his job is simply not to go mad when I have greetings cards everywhere and be supportive. There's also an additional M now too. That's Baby / Toddler / Little Lord M. I'm training him up.

So essentially I sell cards and gifts and everything you see on this site is in my home ready to be posted. I try to rescue stock from stores when they are closing down so some items cannot be replenished, but that also means i'm regularly updating the site with new items. I've even got a massive storage unit with thousands of cards and gifts that I've not even got to yet!

I try to do my best to provide a simple service and generally do a happy dance every time something sells. That's what we small businesses are like.

Thank you for your support.